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The History of the Claxton Community Volunteer Emergency Services

The Claxton Community Volunteer Emergency Services was formed in 1992 as a response to the call from Claxton residents for fire protection in their community. At the time, Claxton was the only area of McMinn County that did not have fire protection. The Claxton department was formed in February of 1992 when twelve residents of Claxton gathered at Double Springs Baptist Church and decided to form a volunteer department. The charter members decided to provide the residents of Claxton Community with a wide range of emergency services and to not limit themselves to fire protection, hence the Emergency Services name instead of simply V.F.D.. The Claxton department provides fire protection, first response rescue and first response emergency medical care to the residents of Claxton Community in McMinn County, Tennessee. The department was built on the site of the old Claxton school grounds at 1710 County Road 750. Today, the department has 30 members, five emergency units, and provides an I.S.O. Class 9 fire rating for the community. Future plans include ugrading equipment, improving our I.S.O. rating, and providing an even larger variety of services to our community. The Claxton department is a non-profit, volunteer organization that recieves limited government funding from McMinn County and operates on funding recieved from community resident donations and fundraising events.

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