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Claxton Community Volunteer Emergency Services

TRAINing in Action

On July 28, 2000, members of CCVES and members of the Etowah Rescue Squad attended training in Atlanta Georgia sponsored by Norfolk Southern Railroad and PCS. The training focused on the PCS Nitrogen Hazmat Training course specializing in handling railroad tank car emergencies.

Members of Etowah Rescue and CCVES pose for a photo beside a 2000 model Norfolk Southern Locomotive on display during the training.

CCVES Capt. Crabtree tries his abilities at repairing a faulty valve on a tank car.

Richard Knox tries his abilities at the Locomotive simulator.

CCVES members on the front of the locomotive are : Chief Alan Dyke, Carl Malone, Capt. Johnny Crabtree, and Richard Knox.

CCVES members pause for a photo inside the PCS Anhydrous Ammonia tank training car.

Good thing it's a simulator, he's not even watching where he's going!

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