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Basic Life Support Training Courses

The Claxton Community Volunteer Emergency Services located in McMinn County, Tennessee (south of Athens) provides a variety of training opportunities for both the public and for other emergency services. CCVES is associated with the Bowater American Heart Association Training Agency and has one AHA BLS Instructor-Trainer and six AHA BLS Instructors on staff. The department offers a wide variety of Basic Life Support training in CPR, First Aid, Automatic Defibrillation, and Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control. In addition, CCVES also has trained instructors in many other areas such as Basic and Advanced Vehicle Extrication, Firefighting, Ground Search Operations, and Emergency Vehicle Operations.

Instructor Contact

Alan Dyke, AHA BLS-Instr.
Casey Carver, TARS Instr.
Dexter Key, AHA BLS-Instr.
Johnny Crabtree, AHA BLS-Instr.
Mike Bell, AHA BLS-Instr.
Richard Knox, AHA BLS-IT, TARS Instr.
Scott Leslie, AHA BLS-Instr.
CPR and Public Access Defibrillation Training

Instructional Associations

American Heart Association
American Red Cross
National Safety Council
Tenn. Association of Rescue Squads
Occupational Safety and Health Organization
Volunteer Fireman's Insurance Services

Email CCVES Training Officer for more information on scheduling training.

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